Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Free Kitten?

My parents got each other a beautiful kitten for their anniversary at the end of May. They quickly noticed it was a bit different then other kittens because it was a lot feistier. Biting people a lot, and generally being a total spaz (course that goes with about any kitten).

It’s still young, but my parents have decided that the kitten will take more time and energy then they have right now (having two specially able bulldogs already) they have choose to find it a more suitable home.

There isn’t anything medically wrong with this kitten – she is beautiful and healthy… just one feisty bugger!

We let it outside to run and play on Sunday and it was very happy! Calmed down significantly when it could run and jump and play freely. I genuinely believe that this kitten could make someone very happy – and in turn end up a very happy cat itself. Would love to go outside, and play with other cats.

If you or anyone you know is up to the challenge- please let me know ASAP! My parents are getting ready to bring it to the humane society.

Vegas Week


So Ryan and I are going on a date tonight! :) Olive garden (Cause I've been craving the breadsticks - and you just have to go like once a year at least!) I think they tend to be a bit on the salty, unhealthy, unitalian side of cooking - but it's tasty none the less! So we are both excited about that! Also we are going to go so Transformers - like a real date night - dinner and a movie!

I'm leaving for Las Vegas on Thursday - work trip. Nervous, anxious, and uninterested in Vegas it self... but it should be a great learning experience for work - so I'm excited about that! I like being indepedant and going on these trips by myself... but it's hard - I'm a home-body - I like having Ryan with me in bed each night, so that part of it is hard!

The last trip I went on - I slept like shite - just couldn't fall asleep - but when Ryan is next to me, I'm sleeping almost instantly - he can tell you! I've never had insomnia since Ryan and I have been together - except on these trips... so hopefully my sleeping will be much better then it was before... cause unlike before - I cannot over sleep or be groggy - I'm running the show this time! At least there isn't a time difference this time... should be a bit easier in the mornings! 6:30am CA time = 4:30am Dallas time! ehhh!

So wish me a lovely date night with my honey tonight! and a safe and successful trip this Thursday-Saturday!

Much Love,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Honeymoon is booked!

So excited! My very awesome soon to be Sister-In-Law booked Ryan and I's honeymoon yesterday!

5 nights, 6 days at the beautiful Outrigger Royal Kahana - http://www.outrigger.com/hotels_detail.aspx?hotel=47 in their huge 1 bedroom ocean view room! With a separate bedroom, and full kitchen - so we can save SOME money cooking in for eachother if we want! Check it out - soooooo pretty!

A very special THANK YOU to my soon to be Parents-in-laws for giving us this gift! Thanks Dawson and Annie - you two are the best!!!

Still looking at all the neat things to do there, found this one drive that I think might be fun for Ryan and I to take - http://gohawaii.about.com/cs/photogalleries/a/hana_highway.htm, lots of neat churches and waterfalls and of course beaches to see!

Also hoping for some dive or snorkeling experiences as I love the ocean and all it's many cool creatures! :)


Even with how exciting this all is - I am finding myself a bit down today... I don't really know why - except for many little things adding up.

I love my family and friends and Ryan and everyone so much - so please don't take anything I'm about to write as negitive towards them... i'm just feeling ultra sensitive and anxious so please just let me vent a bit.

Ryan hasn't been that pro-wedding lately - I mean I know he wants to marry me, but he doesn't want to talk about wedding stuff or plan for anything, he is getting progressively shorter with me about the topic in general... which from what I hear is totally normal - however... it's a bit more stressful this way.

So with that in mind - then I have my Mom who is basically planning and cooking EVERYTHING for the wedding - she is amazing - however we have two totally different visions I think for this special day and we are both sensitive and protective over our ideas. I feel us butting heads unnessicarily lately and it sort of sucks.

Then my sister nicki is poking at me - she has some great advise - but sometimes I think she forgets that just because I'm being over dramatic about something or upset about something - doesn't mean I am not aware that I am acting this way. When you are being hormonal and stupid - the last thing you really want to hear is that your being hormonal and stupid - however true it is. Of course she said no such thing, but her tone suggested I was being silly and should be aware of it - which I total am. Again - I know I'm being hormonal and crazy right now, and I'm extra sensitive but I wanted to vent a little.

Then I have two stressful business trips in the next 3 weeks. One a week from today and one not the week after, but the week after that, and I know they will be fine, or perhaps something will go wrong, but that doesn't help the anxious feelings I have. This is my very first business trip that I don't have a buddy with, and while I know I'm perfectly able to do my job, I am still feeling anxious.

Then my best friend Melissa is MIA right now - probably just needing some quiet time - which I totally can relate to - but unfortunately its bad timing - cause I could really use her support right now. Keep me laughing and relaxed about my insanity.

Also my Wedding Dress has been available sine July 12th and I still haven't gotten to see it or try it on, and I really want to... but there just doesn't seem to be time for it. :( Trying to arrange for 2 people who work different schedules to go somewhere when I'm traveling so much is tricky, to say the least.

So while it's all manageable - combined together - with a splash of changed birthcontol, I'm having trouble staying focused. I've been on the verge of tears all day - and truthfully it sucks. :(

I keep telling myself - focus on the good - the honey moon, the wedding plans, the fact that the weekend is coming up, that I have a great family (both Ryans and Mine), a great honey, great friends and a great job... but I keep feelin down... so I guess I should just embrace it and move forward, huh?

Well thats about it for now, thanks for letting me vent!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Problem with Blogger

If I sign into Blogger - it messes up my bookmarks for work. I have my book marks set on a different e-mail address then blogger will let me sign up with so when I sign on to blogger I loose my bookmarks and have to resign in to that - loosing blogger - I cannot have both. oh boy!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tense - In a good way?

Busy day at work today - which is awesome, it's been too slow for my taste in the past weeks... but every muscle in my back, sholders, arms and neck seem to be tense. I've tried stretching and it helps, butI don't know why I'm so tense. I never actually left the office for lunch or anything - just snacked on some healthy(ish) treats here.. and kept on working.

I'm going to be going out for a walk with a co-worker shortly and that might help, fresh air, time away from the office. Plus I'm off in a hour... so I'll get to relax a bit. (besides grocery shopping, laundry and cooking ::wink:: )

Still not sure what to do for dinner tonight. Enjoying having a clean house and being able to prepare something for my honey and I each night, but money is tight as the wedding draws near - and while we are fine, Ryan and I are finding ourselves being cautious with our spendings. Plus with a clean kitchen and time to cook - I'm having trouble finding new exciting things, it all seems new and exciting - which recipes to try?

I really want to get all my mom's signature dishes down - so perhaps I can try my hands at more of those. Sort of a morbid thing - but my mom is an amazing cook - but how sad this is - she isn't going to be around forever, I cannot depend on her to create this fantasic dishes for me forever!!! Plus not to be TOO vain but I think I've got my mom's flaire for cooking more then the rest of my siblings. Not to say they aren't great cooks, just not in the way my mom is. Does that make sense?

Any suggestion for cool recipes to try?
Could be something fun to post - some of my fav. recipes!

Well that's it for this little blog - like I said - nothin fancy! ::wink::

Thanks for readin'!


Friday, July 13, 2007

Not Sure

Well hello... my future mother-in-law seemed to think I should write - somewhere and since Myspace is obviously not a temple for thoughts and open minded calmness - I thought I'd try a less obvious location for posting my thoughts.

I'm the kind of person who second guesses themselves a lot - why post online... what would I hope to achieve posting my thoughts on a vessel so pact full of thoughts already? Who knows but I am a writer - its something I genuinely love to do, and I believe even if it's just for me. I should post. If some one reads, cool. If someone enjoys reading, then great!

When I was younger I used to write 10 plus pages a day in a journal - always something on my mind - usually negative... I was an introvert for sure... constantly stuck within my own mind, unsure how the real world functioned within the insanity - therefore believing I was the only one who felt that way. Ha... funny how things change. I can't even tell you when things changed for me, but at some point they did. I still over analyze things a bit much, and think far too much inside... but now I also think a lot outside and am actually quite comfortable in my own skin. I realize and appreciate that some things are just Kela. :)

I miss the writing everyday, but I don't miss is the sadness I believe all there to be. I've been working on a novel about my times dealing with and getting over this feeling, it's an odd thing. Writing something so raw and close to something you personally had gone through. I really genuinely believe it will help me grow even more expressing these thoughts, and hell I might even help other teenage girls in the same situation. Sort of comforting, that. ;)

I could probably still write everyday - but it wouldn't mean anything to anyone but me, just thoughts, but see as I've aged I get impatient with my handwriting - its too slow. The internet is to open... some thoughts are just that - thoughts and don't need to be publicly written.