Friday, May 8, 2009

My Whole Life Is Crossroads...

Hey All,

That title may sound bleak but in truth, I think its sort of an uplifting idea. So many times in my short 25.5 years on this world I've found myself at a crossroads, or at a point where I just don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going, and most of the time it weighs so heavy on me that I can't seem to move forward, until I get smacked back to reality and just do what is needed. Since I am an over analytical person I tend to obsess over every detail until its so fogged with confusion that I find myself worse off then I was before. I've been thinking about this trend a lot in particular, and I think I've found a solution, for now... :)

Just go with it! Take for example, my weight - I've been struggling with a negative body image for some time now (I'd say... my whole and have gone up and down the scale several times, but without consistency, its sort of a moot point. I'm back on my calorie counting diet, and seem to be loosing weight, today however when I weighed in, I had GAINED 1.5 lbs, after loosing about 8-9 in the last 2 weeks... now the OLD ME would have been just beyond discouraged with this moment, but not the me today. I wrote down the weight in my food journal and went in and made my normal breakfast, so what I gained 1.5 - I still lost 7-8, and today is a brand new day, who's to say I wont have lost some tomorrow. Stressing and obsessing over the set backs only further delays your progress. I think the best thing to do is accept the set backs, without judgment, and try to do better next time. Its a stupidly simple concept that for some reason I have a hard time putting into action, but hopefully I'll keep going with the great progress I've made the last two weeks, and quit trying to ruin my chances of succeeding.

Now this concept can work with my career too. As you all know I'm not working right now, as I try and build my portfolio of refinishing furniture, so maybe someday I can do something I really love, for a living, instead of working for some company that will just lay me off in the end anyway. I've spent many of days thinking that I'm just wasting my time, and that I should just go and work where-ever and be a responsible adult, but with this new concept, I realize that while that is still a distinct possibility, its also very possible that I could be really good at this, and if I stay focused and quit sweating the small stuff or over analyzing my options to death, then maybe - JUST MAYBE I could actually reach my dreams. If not, then at least I tried, and I can always try again later in life, hell I'M ONLY 25!

So here is my words of wisdom today: Let everyday bring new possibilities and may you never feel you cannot reach your dreams!

Just a little ramblings from your friend Kela - hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for Listening,