Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sometimes Karma is a Good Thing!

Ok so on Saturday I was incredibly sleepy and running late for a party that I must attend -my friends Jeannette and Bob were having a fancy catered affair for Bob’s 40th birthday! So after waking up with swollen eyes (a slight allergic reaction I guess… which passed quickly) I rushed out the door (after getting all fancy for the occasion - my eyes were normal again) and soon realize I don’t have the gas to make it all the way out to their house in the country and back without concern. So I stop at a gas station and begin to do my regular routine of getting gas – putting in the credit card…blah…blah blah… Suddenly I hear a little voice in front of me and I see a mom and daughter sitting in their small jeep like vehicle (a tracker or something like it) looking a little sad. “You wouldn’t happen to have any spare money for us to get gas would you?” the girl asked. “No, sorry – no cash.” She looked sad – and a little embarrassed for asking so I gave her a weak smile and continued on with my gas buying adventure.

After what felt like forever… but was more likely about 3 seconds – I looked up again and saw them chatting quietly eyes full of worry. I knew that feeling – embarrassment and sadness that “this was my life today… stuck at the gas station with no money for gas”. I didn’t know if it was a rouge to get my money – but I was suddenly so compelled to help if I could – so against my better judgment I looked up again and asked “How much do you need?” They both looked totally shocked and humbled… “Only like $10…” I thought about it for a second – if they were trying to con me… its only $10 and if they really do need help – I could make these girls day for only $10! It seemed worth it! I smiled and said “Let me just finish up here… I don’t think it will let me use my card twice at the same time.” They were so happy, and waiting patiently for me to finish up.

Then I slowly walked over to them and we made small talk while I put in my card and watched the daughter handle the pump carefully watching for the cost to reach $10. We chatted about how expensive gas is… and they thanked me countless times for helping them out. I just told them – “I’ve totally been there… I know the feeling”. It really seemed like I’d made a difference. When it hit $10 the girl quickly stopped the gas and made sure to get me a receipt. It was all very sweet! I wished them a wonderful day and got in my car feeling like I’d really helped someone out! As I sat in traffic just a few feet away – I heard a slight beep of a horn. I turned – half expecting to see the girls waving me a final thank you goodbye… but instead found myself looking at two very attractive 20 something guys in a car. They were trying to get me to talk to them… being really flirty and sweet – in a totally non-sleazy way! Totally made me blush, and it totally made MY DAY! Talk about good karma! Cute boys never notice me! :D I mean of course I’m married – but it’s nice to be noticed! :D

The party itself was a little strange – strange age bracket for me to be around. Normally I get along with Jeannette and Bob’s friends pretty well and Jeannette and Bob very well – even though they are in their 40’s… but not this time. There were lots of 40-50 something people there… and then lots of 1-18’s there… but it felt like I was the only one between the ages of 20-35! (doubt I was – but that’s how it seemed) Normally it doesn’t really matter to me… I can relate to just about anyone… but it felt strange… no one really seemed to know if they should talk to me… wasn’t sure where I fit in… was I the kid of someone?… was I just a guest?… it was all pretty strange. Then to top it all off – Jeannette and Bob kept telling everyone that I made these signs that all 3 of us worked on… and as entertaining as the whole night of making them with Jeannette and Bob was – I was a little embarrassed to take full responsibility for them, they were very little kiddie and silly! I am really a big craft nut – so I don’t mind doing craft projects… but I really didn’t want the praise on these… call me vain and silly – but it really made me feel silly about it – its hard enough that I look 12, you know?!

But I got over it – it was just one day! I ended up just chatting with a few old co-workers which was neat… having great food from my favorite professional caterers and left after about 3-4 hours. Not too bad since I’d spent like 5 hours there the night before helping with decorations and set up stuff. Over all it was a good day!

Just something to think about – sometimes a smile or a bit of spare cash can really make a difference in someone’s day…

Thanks for listening!

Love Always,