Friday, January 18, 2008

Worst Morning Ever! (My Comic Book Guy Impression)

So I debated back and forth if I should post this or not - and I decided it was just too weird not to share - so while I've recovered from its insanities... here is my story of Jan. 16th 2008 - Wednesday Morning As Experienced Through Kela's Eyes:

So first let me start with I'm PMSing and a bit hormonal anyway... then the insanity starts with the ring my mom got me years ago, its the red one I'm always wearing - most of you probably know the one I'm talking about... well I guess it got bent when i was carrying my luggage in Phoenix, AZ last week end... so on Tuesday night Ryan was trying to fix it for me... and upon getting it back in shape - he mistakenly loosened the center stone!

When I picked it up to place it in a safe place Wednesday morning, I realized the stone was just GONE! I was devastated because as much as I love my engagement/wedding ring- I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this ring my mom got, I just think its so beautiful, and unique. It wasn't super expensive, in fact it was rather inexpensive, but had serious sentimental attachment, as well as I thought it was just beautiful! So here I am 7am Wednesday morning totally saddened by that and running around feeling the carpets trying to find it... still no luck yet!

Then I accept that I have to pee and go in the bathroom as I hear the shower on - Ryan is still on the "john", and sorta snaps at me, course he said later he was just clearing his throat... so I'm all PMSy and my ring is broken and I can't pee so I get all grumpy, and Ryan is all grumpy so we are just feeding off each other...

Then he goes to work and I sit down to have some cheerios which turn out to be stale and nasty! So that's depressing - cause I have nothing else for breakfast....
Then I get on the computer and try to upload some pics for my friend Sam in France - but the computer isn't playing nice... so while its "Loading" I go take a shower.

When I get out of the shower I walk into the kitchen to get a sip of water - all is ok... then I go into the bedroom for like 2 minutes MAX and get dressed! When I return, there is a giant Sparky turd on the floor and all three animals are tearing up a GIANT bird all over the house! (ok I'm being slight over dramatic - it was a GIANT bird - but they were not really tearing it up all over the house... really more of the hallway and kitchen)

So I'm freaking out and call Ryan, cause I of course don't want to deal with it! But he wont be back for hours and I don't want them to just keep making the mess so I HAVE to deal with it!

I pick up the turd, scold Sparky... then try and get the GIANT bird... but monkey just wont let go, he's all growls and teeth trying to keep his catch... finally I give him a soft boot with my foot and be backs off... I pick the bird up and toss it in the back yard... and then proceed to pick up all the remaining bits...(I am sorry this is a graphic story - should have warned you!)

When I finally get off to work I am near to tears... First my ring and then all this gross stuff... and I'm PMSing!

So then I get to work and it's boss day (my boss comes in for a few hours once a week), and I'm all hormonal and crazy but trying to put on a good professional face for the boss... by this point Ryan has called cause he gets home and the animals have brought the bird back into the house, and Ryan has found a foot - with a tag... turns out its someones PET CHICKEN!

So then I'm super bummed... when my boss finally does ask whats up - I tell her about how my cat caught, killed and destroyed someones pet chicken all over my house... and we strangely had a good laugh!

So monkey gets lots of props for bringing down a CHICKEN! However I feel bad... I mean do I go door to door and ask if someone lost their chicken or what? I eventually opt out of that... most of my neighbors only speak Spanish, and I don't really want to tell someone my cat ate their pet chicken... (does this make me a bad person?)

To sum up still haven't found the stone for my ring... but the search continues!

By the end of the day I'd really cheered up and ended the day feeling fantastic... but wow... what an awful morning!

Hope You Enjoyed!

Much Love,

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thoughts on 2008!

Boy do I have plans for 2008!

2007 came with some exciting events, the wedding, the honeymoon, and all those exciting events throughout those events! As happy as I am with how I experienced 2007, there are some things I really wanted to do that I just didn't get done.

For example... I still have not lost the weight I gained when I quit smoking almost 5 years ago!!! My goal is to loose about 10-15 lbs this year! Hopefully sooner rather then later. This is a goal that actually both Ryan and I are striving for. His weight not from quiting smoking, but just the typical long term relationship padding we all seem to acquire. Starting to pay more attention on what we are eating, especially the quantity of food we are consuming! Also by finding ways to get more work outs into our regular routine. I am currently in Phoenix, AZ on a business trip and for the first time, I brought a bathing suit and work out outfit, so I can use their gym facilities! :D I can't be TOO proud yet, as I haven't actually gone to the gym here... but its at least an option! :D

Next is paying off debts, and getting us into a safer home. We want a real house, with a yard for Sparky. A real laundry room, so we don't have to keep sharing with all our neighbors. Also in a neighborhood where we can go for walks after dinner safely and feel safe in our homes and lives. Currently I do not feel safe in my home, not only because I'm in a tough neighborhood, with glaring eyes on us, but because the place doesn't seem structurally sound... I have a rule within myself, that if there is a earthquake, I will try and get OUT of the apt... as it is probably safer outside... and that isn't a very comforting thought.

Next is starting the family! Hopefully within the next year (maybe a bit longer) we hope to start trying for a baby! :D My goal is to be a fairly young mom, because both my mom's, both real and in-law are young and its awesome that we get to have these adult years together, and I really hope to have that with my children as well. :D However this depends on when we get the savings started to get into a house, debts paid and a bit of savings after that... so hopefully those items will be underway shortly! :D

I am really excited about 2008!
Its a whole new year, a whole new life... I'm a married woman... and my adult life is really starting to start off!

I'll keep you posted!

Much Love,


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Look Who's Writing! (Rant Included)

So I'm driving home tonight and its raining and everyone is of course driving like morons... when I look in front of me I see a green mini-van with one of those stickers of the cartoon stick figure know the one I'm talking about. - - well this one actually had their names under each figure - if you went to that link - you see that you can do it there.

Now maybe I'm morbid and horrible... but the first thing I thought of tonight when I saw that - was that is seemed to be sort of an invitation to kidnap your children! I mean think about it - your some crazy child abducting freak and you are looking for your victim... you pass by say a house with a mini-van out front, with this happy little bumper sticker with all the children's, and their names - I'm pretty sure that just gives them an opportunity to be very clever... say the next time they come by and see the kid playing outside... couldn't they just walk up /or drive up and say "Hey Emily, your mom told me to come and get you." and off they go!

I am not saying it would definitely happen - but why make it so easy for success should it - on the crazy off chance that it does???

Kela Deems This A BAD Idea!

Hope you enjoyed my little rant!

Much Love,