Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I Have Returned!

Hey - Kela, The Near-Future Mrs. Moore, 17 Days til I marry the love of my life!

Things are going well - tonight I went out with my brides maid Lily and she got her dress! It looks great on her, and she loves it! It's quite cute actually I think I might borrow it sometime, that isn't wrong somehow right? LOL

So far everything is going well - the food and cake shinanigans has been all figured out and prepared for. My sister Nicki is doing my hair and make up... and my dress should be all ready and perfect for my Saturday apt. :D I'm getting my hair dyed on Friday to a deep rich brown. :D So excited! My favors are moving along - after an adventuresome start! Check out these photos:

I dyed the white bags my mom got Burgundy, Green and Brown... this was a burgundy batch!

Don't worry Ryan - was able to get it off - for a while there I seriously thought I had permanently ruined the counter top!

This is close to the final design - before dying:
Ok - well its late and I'm sleepy -but hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for listening,