Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Again

Hey There,

I know I know - Its been FAR too long since I've blogged - I'm sorta at this funny point in my life - where I'm geared up to have all these great things happen - but nothing has really taken shape yet - so I don't have a lot to talk about... you know... not yet anyway.

For example - Ryan and I got a good tax return and have it already- but now we are just waiting to find the perfect new place to move (using the tax return as our deposit)! Then we'll start trying to have a baby and all that great stuff - but right now - its the waiting game. Waiting for that perfect place to fall into our lives! So far its been hard to find that place... we have very specific guidelines and criterias - plus we have 2 cats and a dog... so we are a hard canadate to find a place for anyway. We want a house, no attachment to other units AT ALL - a yard, 2 bedroom 1 bath - at least, laundry in house, pets ok, all in a nice neighborhood we can feel safe to walk in after dinners or whenever.... for under $1300.... its a hard thing to find! Let me know if you find anything! We've also looked at buying but even for a $250,000 place - the monthly charges for living there... mortgage - would be like $1800 and we just can't do that now - and save for the baby and all that! There are a few other things we are looking at - keeping our eyes and ears open for opportunities and knowing that it will happen - its just a matter of time.


Other then all that - just working and spending time with loved ones when I can. Ryan every evening and my friends and family when it works out. Got to have a great weekend filled with a lot of my favorite people in my life - Friday with my friend Melissa's birthday at a local brewery! Where Ryan came with me - and we got to hang out with other married or near married couples - and it was surprisingly fun! Saturday morning I got to have a ghetto breakfast with Lily - I love her - she is so easy going - I made her toast with Peanut Butter and she had no complaints! LOL! Then later - my very late - Birthday Dinner (with Ryan and my parents) at my fav. italian place in Novato, CA - Pasta Pamadoro - which was good - but not as amazing as I remembered. Then on Sunday I got to spend most of the day with Annie - my awesome mother-in-law - eating good food, enjoying good drinks and actually got myself a new workout out fit - DAMN NO EXCUSES NOW! LOL

I've been slacking on all my crafts - I'm not writing, or drawing or knitting or anything! I am reading but - I want to start up again with the crafts - but I feel like I'm in a creative rutt right now - and I'm just taking a break. Hopefully it will start again soon!

I know it isn't much, but like I said - not much going on right now!

Hope you enjoyed anyway!

Much Love,