Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obsession 50's Style

I'm on this kick right now to try and find the perfect dress for me... I'm not sure what really started it.... but I'm leaning towards a classic 50's dress with a low waistline... so much of today's clothing has the empire waist, which accents just under your breasts... however, this is definitely not my my slenderest area... so why accent that? I'm 38"b, 30" w and 36"h. So here are a few examples of ones I think would work, and are still very sleek in today's fashion world...fabrics I might change...its more the cut I'm looking for...although these examples aren't bad.
Then today I started to sketch some of my own... thought you might like to see: The first one is probably my favorite... especially since that's sorta what I want to do with my hair:

And then just for fun I drew this.... I don't actually hope to wear it, I just thought it looked cool:
Not really much today, just thought I'd share a little in my obsession this week. ;)

Thanks for listening,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update: Light On The Horizen!

Hey All,

So just a quick little update for you: I am currently working as a part time apprentice for a local furniture restoration company, getting to work side by side with professionals, learning the trade I love so passionately. I've gone the last 2 Thursday's and again last Friday... 4th day tomorrow and I can't wait! Nothing concrete yet, but I definitely feel like I'm heading in the right direction! Wish me luck! I'll try and keep you posted!

Thanks for listening,