Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Unfinished Projects

I had this thought today that there are tons of unfinished projects around my house... I knew there were some, but it wasn't until I started to make a list I realized how much stuff I start but never finish... so I thought that if I owned up to them... actually wrote them down... perhaps I would be more motivated to finish them.

Started but Not Finished:
  1. Desk For My Sister
  2. Ryan's New Space Painting
  3. Latch-hook Quilt
  4. Winding Road Puzzle
  5. Dragonfly Painting
  6. Knitted Quilt
  7. Bench/Sunset Painting
  8. Milksted the Novel
  9. New Horror Novel (not named yet)
  10. Bills
Projects Not Yet Started:
  1. Rocking Chair Refinish
  2. Jeannette & Bob's Table Refinish (actually getting $ for this)
  3. Birthday Gift/Wrap
  4. Organize Photographs
  5. Fish Tank Clean
  6. File Papers
  7. Fix Ryan's Pants (Button fell off)
Ok - it's been written, so now I can't deny its existence any longer!