Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Pregnant ... therefore eating is my friend...

Hey Everyone,

As you all probably know by now - I am Pregnant (just about 9 weeks right now - due September 24th, 2010 - and for those of you keeping track, yes that is THE DAY after Ryan's and I's 3rd wedding anniversary! Couldn't have done that on purpose if we tried, although we are hoping it will come early so our anniversary can remain "our" day.)

With all that in mind, I've been really trying to eat healthy, small portions as I've been told is best. It gets hard since I'm sick to my tummy a lot and not feeling any energy to put into feeding myself, but I've made some valiant efforts and I thought you all might be slightly curious what I'm eating!I started off eating pretty bland food, cause I was so sick to my stomach, here is the very un-elegant half of a Peanut Butter & Jelly and half a Banana. Not much to look at, but full of good things, whole wheat, protein, and fruit goodness! Sometimes I just can't handle even things this complicated so I'd go for a little:
Raisin bread and little Pineapple chunks in pineapple juice (No extra sugars, just good juice). Easy and still not too bad for me! As I started feeling better, or rather maybe the cause of feeling better - I started to branch out of the comfort bread and fruit routine and found that since I've gotten pregnant I suddenly like Cereal and Milk (2 things I never much cared for before... so I guess the rule is... don't be set in your ways... you never know what you might like... this should go for pregnant people and non-preggers alike!)

This is backed full of healthy goodness and sooo tasty - I used "Total" cereal, so it's got like practically all my prenatal vitamins in there! I love this breakfast, its easy, tasty and soo good for me and da-baby. :D

Then this morning I was craving something a bit more cozy so I went out on a limb and made this:
A nice 1/2 of an Everything bagel, 1/3 the fat cream cheese, a few little slices of tomato and a soft poached egg... with a nice side of super fresh crispy strawberries! OMG so indulgent yet not really that bad for me cause it has protein, dairy, veggies, grains, and fruit! Also made it for my step dad AL and he was totally into it. Next time I'm gonna add some steamed spinach... then it will be even better!

Dinner's are different every night mostly, sometimes we eat out cause I'm tired, but I've really tried to make an effort to make something. Sometimes its Turkey Tacos, or Turkey Spaghetti - both super crazy good if you haven't tried them. Sometimes its just a big salad. Last night I made this:
Some grilled herb chicken tenders, long grain wild rice and a nice little pile of fresh steamed spinach. This was a big hit as well, and really not hard to make. Also think of how good it is for you?

I eat other things of course too, but these are the items I thought would be accessible to most people and that I actually remembered to photograph.

I hope you enjoyed... and if any other pregnant mom's stumbled across this, I hope it gave you some ideas! Let me know if you have any questions or interested in any recipes (turkey goodness).

Thanks for reading!