Friday, February 3, 2012

Public Announcement To Rude People

Hey You Grumpy-Face!

To you people at the store, the bank, on the road or wherever who feel they are better then me, or don't have to be polite. We are ALL people and we are all trying to get our shopping done, get home to our families or go on with our day to day lives, wouldn't it be better if we were all just a bit more nice to each other?

I can't tell you how often when I am at the store, bank, driving down the road, I smile at someone, or make a polite comment, and they either ignore me, or give me a dirty look.  REALLY PEOPLE? I am just trying to be friendly, be one less grumpy face in the crowd, and what do I get for my effort, negativity?! Why, please explain it to me!

I get it, you are busy, you don't want to be where you are, your husband is cheating on you or whatever, and my happiness annoys you or something, but even still, isn't a little positive energy always good regardless of how irritated you are? Isn't it nicer to have at least ONE person smile at you when you are angry, sad or just plain tired?

I am calling for EVERYONE to make an effort to be polite, friendly and appreciative of small gestures strangers may make, take the higher road and just embrace the happiness and forget about your miserable selves for 2 seconds, you might find that the happiness is contagious and before you know it, we are all smiling, making funny comments while waiting in line, or taking turns properly at the intersection.  

Please I am begging you! In our world today full of so much sadness, injustice, and anger, please just try and be polite to your fellow humans in public, it's for all our own good, really!

That is all,

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