Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long Time No See

Hey Everyone,

So last time I wrote I was in my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy - now my darling daughter is 6-7 months. I write all the time for myself, but for some reason haven't made it onto my blog in a while. Not that I have a lot of followers but - still it's nice to get out there and write now and again.

Not doing a lot outside mommy-dom right now, but to my surprise I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I was never sure I wanted to have kids, thought they were weird and that I'd never relate to them. Living so much in my head most of my life, how could I be a good mom. As it turns out, she's making me one. Each and every day I feel myself letting go more and more of my over analytical side, and just enjoying rolling with the baby chaos! I am fortunate in that I get to stay home with her each and every day - although that does come with a unfortunate side effect - I'm poor. However in this job market - it's not like there are jobs anyway, so I might as well enjoy it.

Pretty cool actually because my husband and I used to always live paycheck to paycheck... when we were both working... and now we are still living pretty much PC to PC but it's just his income... so in our 10 years together we've actually learned a thing or two about living frugally, without only eating top romen and spaghetti. I make a ton of great foods, and our baby girl gets all she needs. I know this set-up will not last forever, but it's working ok for now... and that's comforting.

My family has been so supportive and great, although I'm finding myself wanting to pull away from them a bit - just to prove that I can be a great mom without a ton of help. I like being able to do everything myself. Find myself carrying baby, groceries and still wanting to open doors for strangers - of course they think I'm a totally whack-job - but whatever. :) It's just empowering to accomplish many things in a day without assistance.

I am hoping someday I'll find a job or some way to make some money where I can work from home, or continue to do what I love... something in the world of writing, crafting, cooking or furniture repair/refinishing would be great. Probably about as likely as winning the lottery - but hey I can dream!

I'll try and post again much sooner,
Just wanted to touch base real quick - but there is work to be done!

Thanks for Listening,

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Annie said...

I loved this Kela, thanks for sharing your thoughts. So glad you are enjoying being a mommy and you are SUCH a good mommy too! Sara obviously has everything she needs, it's wonderful how you and Ryan have embraced being parents! {{{{hugs}}}} Love ya! ~~Annie