Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How I Make Pierogies

Hey All,

I decided to do this for Annie, but whomever gets benefit out of it... I'm happy to share my wisdom.

So growing up my mom encouraged us to try a huge variety of foods, as far back as I can remember I was eating, Japanese food, Chinese food, Italian food and the list goes on and on... one of my very favorite foods is I guess Polish although various other cultures do very similar things so we can't give them all the credit and that is the Pierogie. What a pierogie is, is a dumping that is filled with various ingredients, most commonly potato... and usually onion and or cheese. More info can be found in Wikipedia.

I grew up on "Mrs. T's" brand pictured below, but I'm sure others are good, I have just haven't tried any yet.
The instructions tell you to EITHER boil them or fry them... my mom taught me how she did it, and after a few other attempts, I did find this to be the best way... and that is to do BOTH. First boil water, salt and oil just before dropping them in.

Then when they are al-dente put them into a med-hot pan with lots of butter (onion, pepper and whatever else sounds good can be added at this point... serving them with sausage is very popular as well.)
I like to put a tiny bit of butter (and pepper) on the top before I flip them just to really make sure you get a nice crispiness on the top too. Once they crispy up on the bottom... takes longer then you'd think but its well worth the wait, flip them over.

Once they are all crispy and happy, then plate.

Top with sour cream! You'll think you died and went to heaven. :)

They can be served with just about anything as I mentioned before, I decided to do Peas and Corn this time since its similar to mashed potatoes (and its something I had just laying around the house), I thought it would go good together, as it turned out, it totally did! :)

I hope you enjoyed my little picture/instruction on the ever elusive pierogie... maybe I inspired you to try something new and maybe just a bit sinful. ;)


P.s There is a "fat free" sour cream made by "Naturally Yours" that is amazing... I'd say its the best tasting sour cream on the market I've had and FAT FREE... so you don't feel too bad giving a nice big dollop on each pierogie. :)


Annie said...

Thank you so much, I'm afraid to make them, lol! I don't know anything about them but I picked them up at Trader Joe's because of YOU and...

I'm GONNA MAKE 'EM! Just like you say. Love the pictures, makes it easy, love it. :) ((((hugs and love))))

Mar said...

OMG, I love those and pot stickers. I make pot stickers similarly ... Fry frozen pot stickers in a bit of oil until medium browned, then fill with pan with an inch of water and cover. This steam boils them. Once puffy I remove the lid and let the water boil off. When crispy (takes about 20 minutes for rest of water to boil off) they are so nummy. I serve with sweet chili sauce.

Thank you so much Kela for doing this. I have been thinking of starting a seperate blog for cooking and restaurant food. We both should do it!

Kate said...

YUM! In high school Russian 1 class in the late 60's we did lots of fun things, like calligraphy, singing Oche Chornea (sp doesn't count anymore, and making piroshkies (sp. phoenetically the way my immigrant Russian teacher pronounced it.) I think he made it easy for us by using Pillsbury Crescent rolls which we filled with a concoction we made of ground beef, browned in a pan with chopped onion, and add chopped hard boiled eggs. Pinch up their little sides and plop them in a pot of boiling oil! Try to dig them out without breaking when they are fried with your tongs. It was great fun and great eating! Yours sound equally yummy and brought back great memories! Thanks, hugs!